Athletics and Clubs

Athletics and Clubs

Athletics and Clubs will help enhance your student's experience at TMS

Concussion Information Sheet (click the link to download) - A concussion is a brain injury and all brain injuries are serious. They are caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or by a blow to another part of the body with the force transmitted to the head. They can range from mild to severe and can disrupt the way the brain normally works. Even though most concussions are mild, all concussions are potentially serious and may result in complications including prolonged brain damage and death if not recognized and managed properly.

Coaching Staff 2017-2018

Boys Basketball    


Cross Country


Girls Basketball




Andy Cusack-8A Christine Richards Jim Roche Dave Simone-8 Jeff Otterby-8A Brandon Petersen Ashley Gutshall-7A Ed Coyle (Head Coach)
Jeff Otterby-8B Lindsey Shield Grant Montgomery Jim Smedley-8 Ashley Gutshall-8B Andy Cusack Katie Johnson-7B Nathan Zentner
Matt Mygrant-8A Donna Brooks Greg Born Gustavo Silva-8 Barry O'Connor-8A Matt Mygrant Christy Jalaoso-7A Mr. Crawford
Barry O'Connor-8B   Tim Ryan Brandon Petersen-7 Jim Smedley-8B John Meseke Heather Wainwright-7B  
Brandon Petersen-7A   Heather Walker Larry Nothnagel-7 Jim Roche-7A Tim Ryan Chris Fedyski-8A  
Tim Ryan-7B   Paul Schultz Phil Carter-7 Heather Wainwright-7B Kelly Zimmerman Jeff Otterby-8B  
Jim Smedley-7A       Chris Patrick-7A Paul Schult Andy Cusack-8A  
Justin Manny-7B           Ed Coyle-8B