Research Links

Research Links

Career Cruising - an online database all about careers

CIA World Factbook - government, military, economic information for nations

Country Reports - cultural, historical, statistical, country information.

Easy Bib - The free automatic bibliography and citation maker.

Facts on File: Issues and Controversies - online multi-reference resource

Grolier Online - an online multimedia encyclopedia

How Products Are Made - explains and details the manufacturing process of a wide variety of products.

Photos for Class - This site contains photos students can use for projects. *photos include citations*

Student Resource Center - An online periodical database with daily updates.

WebPath Express - A search engine found on our Thompson LRC Online Catalog.

ProCon.Org - Pros and Cons of controversial issues.

Note: Usernames and passwords are not for public use and therefore not included on this page.  

Students: Your LRC Google Sites page has the usernames and passwords to these links.

LRC Google Sites - Students must sign into Google with their school credentials to get to this site.